Sunday, 30 September 2012

Peril on Patunapi

Here's my belated entry in the Lost World Safari Pulp Figures Rugged Adventures competition...

Peril on Patunapi
A Lost World Adventure for 4 players


On a grand tour of the exotic South Pacific, an aircraft chartered by a party of upper crust swells has crashlanded high on the central plateau of a remote tropical island. The pilot and crew of the aircraft must escort their aristocratic passengers off the plateau to safety, but danger lurks in the steaming jungles of Patunapi!

Forces (from Bob Murch's Pulp Figures range)

The Crew: 1 pack of PHP1 Buzz Barker's Island Hoppers (minus Patch the Dog)

The Passengers: 1 pack of PGJ14 Upper Crust Swells and 1 pack of PGJ15 Surly Servants
                          (minus McGinty the Handyman and Mrs Pike the Cook)

The Natives: 1 pack of PSS14 Melanesian Islanders with bows.

The Dinosaurs: 1 additional pack of PLT08 Saurian Predators.

Set Up

The Patunapi plateau is a 4' square area covered in jungle, with a few clearings and rocky outcrops scattered around to break up the terrain. At the centre of the plateau there is a crashed Lockheed Vega aircraft. There are four groups of figures, each of which should be placed adjacent to the plane in the following positions:

Team 1: Sparks, Berty Brewster and Chives the Valet - NE

Team 2: Adam Venture, Dowager Aunt Flo and Maisy the Maid - SE

Team 3: Buzz Barker, Lord Flum and Chesterfield the Butler - SW

Team 4: Sally Smith, Honoria Flum and Max the Chauffeur -NW

Special Rules

Each team must attempt to locate the edge of the plateau from which they may climb down to safety. However, the toffs are in charge and, convinced from birth that they are right about everything, will determine the direction of travel regardless of the correct route.

Each turn the teams must roll a direction dice. The team will proceed in this direction for 1D6 inches this turn, led by the crew figures and follwed by the aristocrat and servant.

A second D6 roll will be made at the end of each team's movement to determine what they encounter:
   1-3 = nothing.
   4 = a random hazard (quicksand, swamp, insect swarm, poisonous plants etc)
   5 = native ambush (will attack in groups of 1D6-1 but will run away if fired upon with guns)
   6 = dinosaur attack (roll 1D6, 1-3 = a pack of 2 small dinosaurs, 4-6 = 1 large dinosaur)

The crew are armed with a pistol and three clips of nine bullets, the servants with appropriate melee weapons (a sherry bottle, a golf club, hand luggage, hair pins etc) but the swells have no weapons and will only act to defend themselves, otherwise cowering, blathering, screaming or panicking when in any form of danger.

To survive, each team must reach the edge of the plateau with the following points used to determine the overall winner: +1 each crew or servant alive, +3 each swell alive, -2 each crew or servant dead, -3 each swell dead, +1 each small dinosaur or native killed, +2 each large dinosaur killed.



  1. Sounds like a winner to me! Best of luck with your entry.

  2. Thanks Michael...there's some stiff competition, so I'm not holding my breath!