Saturday, 1 September 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign [9]

I spent a couple of hours finishing the bases on the first of my Italian regular infantry battalions this morning, by simply washing them with some very old Citadel Imperial Strike Green. I also painted up the extra bits and bobs that I neglected to include in the initial schedule including an HQ and CO base for the infantry, together with an HQ for the tankette unit.

I'm planning to tidy up and finish off the basing tomorrow so that I can deploy this meagre force in the imminent amphibious assault on Mikonos. I don't fancy my chances to be honest, as they'll be outnumbered by the opposition unless I'm very much mistaken. At least I'll be able to write up the post battle press release for General Gorgonzola in suitably glowing terms, whatever the outcome on the day.

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