Friday, 7 September 2012

Colours Tomorrow

I got the green light for Colours from the MOTI* this afternoon, which means that I'll be tanking up the A34 tomorrow morning with two sub-teenage loonies, for a bit of a boys day out. I suspect that the MOTI has ulterior motives, as she'll be having a really quiet girly day off with my daughter.

Either way, the boys and I will be FREE for a couple of hours to wander about the various floors and traders, with a view to playing some participation games and picking up some nice shiny toys.

The seven year old really likes playing games, so he'll be happy if there's something that he can try out. The superb Tusk game last year was a definite favourite, so I'm hoping that something similar will be on offer this time round.

I feel a bit guilty inflicting my kids on unsuspecting victims, which is why I always stick around to make sure they don't break bits off or chew the scenery. I asked him about a potential pet today and he decided that a Zombie Dog would be his ideal companion.

I rest my case.

On the other hand, the ten year old is far more trustworthy and has been promised a fist full of Full Thrust goodies if he goes off on his tod and leaves me to contain the his brother for an hour or so. He's very sensible and reliable, so I'm sure he'll be fine. He really wants some more GZG Full Thrust stuff, so we've agreed to meet up at the stand and pick out what he wants from the catalogue.

I have a few things on my modest shopping list too...

1. A small Neu Swabian fleet for Full Thrust.

2. Some Westwind Saxon and Romano-British shield transfers.

3. Some Copplestone Zanzibaris

4. Some extra Foundry shields for the Darkest Africa Nkonde.

...I probably won't find any of these and end up with something (or things) completely different but at least I'll get to have a chat with some fellow gamers and take some inspirational photos of the various games on display.

If you're there I'll be the irate bearded bloke with this particularly dangerous sprog in tow...

You have been warned.

* Ministry of the Interior



  1. Well that had me chuckling into my mug of tea this morning! Have an absolutely fabulous day and I look forward to hearing what you came back with.