Sunday, 2 September 2012

VBCW Re-ignited!

I've been reading through my new copy of A World Aflame that I pre-ordered from Amazon a couple of months ago and which arrived over the holidays on the doorstep. The rules are very well presented, clearly written and nicely illustrated, as you'd expect from Osprey, but are also built on what look like solid mechanics, with a definate 'old school' approach to things like initiative, movement, direct and indirect fire and morale.

It's all very re-assuring but at the same time, the system offers some neat Too Fat Lardies style twists, through the use of things like Chance Cards, which add a very welcome element of randomness to the proceedings. I'm actually quite impressed and pleasantly surprised by the author's straightforward and common sense approach, which results in a system that is flexible enough to cater very well for my prefered 'semi-skirmish' level of gaming.

So much so, in fact, that I've decided to dig out my old but virtually complete VBCW Red Workers Militia figures to finish off this month, before I crack on with the other projects I have lined up on the workbench. I have the figures I need for a full company of Political Militia, give or take a few extra figures to add cater for the unexpected, including an anti-tank section, a sniper and a medic for the HQ. 

A good set of rules at a pretty good price, if you shop around a bit or get the .pdf...well worth getting a copy, even if there's no QRS!


  1. I've been fighting the temptation to dive head long into this for a while now; these rules might just push me over the top.

  2. Go for it..the rules are very clear and straightforward but, most of all, very adaptable.

    I'm going to try them out for VBCW and the Back of Beyond, but I'm sure they could be used for any interwar theatre.

  3. I've got these rules too & would like to try them.

    Who makes the motorcycle combination in the 2nd pic?