Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pulp Figures Lost World Scenario Competition Update

I've been really pleased with the response to the Pulp Figures competition that I launched a couple of days ago over on the Lost World Safari yahoo group. Thus far there have been two really top notch scenario outlines for Rugged Adventures, Tapu Island Terror and Vacou Captive Rescue, both of which really make the most of the Pulp Figures range within the simple parameters that I've set for the competition.

You can check them out on the group:

There's more on the way, including my humble effort, which I'm hoping will be a little different, although the other entries will be really difficult to beat. Anyway, without giving too much away, here are the five packs I'll be using as a basis for the scenario in addition to the bonus pack of dinosaurs that you have to use in the set up, all of which ties in very well with Bob Murch's rather splendid bonus system.

The deadline for competition entries is 1st October, so the clock is ticking........!

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