Monday, 3 September 2012

Dux Brittaniarum Romano British

To soften the culture shock of having to return to work today, I decided to treat myself to the other half of the Dux Brittaniarum set up, making use of the last day of the Westwind 30% off sale. I ummed and arrhed a bit about this but, in the end, decided to save a lot of expenditure now for a project that I can tackle later, even if the figures end up in storage for six months or more.

I ordered a warband of the Welsh spearmen as my levy, a warband of Romano British spearmen as my warriors, a single pack of armoured figures plus a pack of armoured command as my elite, with a single pack of archers for my missile troops. I also included the rather splendid Arthur character pack to add to the existing spare figures that I already have from the Mordred set.

I haven't decided yet if this force will be based in my local area of Venta Belgarum or Caer Gynntguic, in which case they'll be a bit more Sub Roman, or if it will be based further west in Dumnonia, in which case it'll have more of a British flavour. I quite fancy the first option, as it allows me to include more late Roman style units but, for the moment, I've been re-reading the rules and the WAB Age of Arthur book for ideas.

It's all a long way down the road but the excellent figures, the neat rules and the really cool campaign system make this a definate front runner for 2013.

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