Monday, 25 March 2013

AK47 Game Orbats

I spent half an hour or so this evening cooking up the orbats for the two AK47 armies that will be clashing in tomorrow's game at the club. I've tried to balance things out a bit more for the Colonial Settlers, who got pasted last time as a result of some terrible dice rolls and a lot of bad luck. They'll get a couple of professional units this time round and some more AT capability, which may prove to be very useful.

The Dictatorship forces have also been watered down a bit but will have the option of some amphibious capability to make up for their lack of hard core professional units. The MDF will get the usual militia techinicals as well, which always seem to turn up at just the right moment to deliver their not inconsiderable firepower. It will be interesting to see what the poltical flowcharts throw up either way.

I'll post an after action report once the game has been resolved, hopefully with less of a walkover than last time, although it's very much down to the luck of the dice!

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