Tuesday, 19 March 2013

AK47 Modular Roads

I popped into Sainsburys at the weekend to get some more tonic for the Mensahib's gin, when I spotted this in the toy section. The set costs £7.99, for which you get five and a half feet worth of straight roadway, together with a decent selection of bends, junctions and curves.

It's moulded in a slightly shiny grey hard plastic, so easily re-painted and weathered down, with the white lines reduced to something less overscale. If you can live with the joints, it's a definate bargain and perfect for AK47 or post-apocalyptic Mad Max style games.

It makes a great runway for your dictator's getaway plane too!


  1. What scale? If that tank is 15mm, then even sand painted and dry-brushed it would make a good basis for dirt roads for 28mm.

    Good conversion starting point without having to worry about warping.

  2. Yes it's a 15mm T34.

    I had the same thought about re-painting the sections for dirt roads and even rivers.

    They'd also make pretty good motorway sections for 6mm Sci Fi games.

  3. Posts like this often make me think the way you see the world must be different from the rest of us...it must be some sort of gift...