Monday, 11 March 2013

Bag The Hun Malta Game Three [1]

I sorted the various cards for the Bag the Hun 2 game tomorrow evening, using the existing card sets that I produced for the previous games to save a lot of time. They're functional rather than aesthetic but that works for me in my reduced circumstances. I have a shedload of work to shift, so this may be the last of my wargaming exploits for a week or two.

As a warm up, I'm going to run a Bag the Doodlebug head to head with the players competing against each other to shoot down the ubiquitous rocket propelled missile. After that, it's onto the serious business of shooting down some inbound Blenheims, before they reach the relative yet somewhat temporary safety of Hal Far.

As usual, photos and a brief but invigorating write up to follow...

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