Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bag the Hun Malta Game Three [2]

This turned out to be a jolly good game, with only a few minor adjustments to the scenario required, if any. The Italians came out on top, shooting down four Blenheims, damaging a fourth and letting one escape to fight another day.

However, the expert aerial marksmanship of the bomber crews made short work of both the Italian junior ace, Tenente Bonfatti, and the Italian flight commander, Capitano Pluda, with a third Macchi Mc202 falling to the guns of 185 Squadron's Hurricanes.

The scores at the end of the game were 16 points to the Italians and 12 to the British, so a fairly close run thing. Anyway, here's some photos of the game to cheer up the RAF, who I think put up a splendid effort against the aggressive Italian opposition.


  1. Beautifully finished aircraft!

  2. Nice looking game. I am working on some Bag the Hun for Malta myself. SM79's arrived today. Waiting on the rest to show up....

    Nice cards BTW, are you willing to share?