Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Churchill's Channel War

I pre-ordered a digital copy of this book a couple of weeks ago and it's now arrived on the Kindle. I've had a quick flick through before work this morning and it looks really good, with a chronological coverage of the air and naval action in the channel, together with details of various commando raids, air sea rescues and special operations and, of course, D Day itself.

As the blurb says...

From the beaches of Dunkirk to the launch of Operation Overlord, the Channel saw continuous action during World War II, and was the world’s most fought-over waterway. In this fascinating account, Robert Jackson offers a study of the Channel War from 1939–45, detailing the German threats to British shipping, the use of convoys and the extensive minelaying operations, as well as the Battle of Britain, the use of long-range artillery and everything in between. As well as offering a study of the furious Channel War battles, Jackson also reveals how the Channel was essential for the launch of Churchill’s famed special forces Commandos, who, under the cover of darkness, launched raids on Occupied France as well as the Channel Islands. The Channel War bought together the Royal Navy and Air Force, as they both battled to defend England and prevent a much feared German invasion.    
Good stuff!


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  2. Downloaded this and read it over the weekend. Enjoyed it and with good detail about previously (to me)little known events. Thanks for recommendation.