Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Narrow Seas [6]

I added an Isles Class escort trawler and three 70' Vosper MTB's to the coastal forces flotilla this evening, although they were a bit rushed. The end result is a couple of lifeboats in the wrong place and a slightly wonky bridge on the trawler but I can fix that another time. The MTB's are an early to mid war option for potential scenarios, in addition to the mid-war Vosper 72' 6'' boats that I already have.

I have a Round Table class trawler to construct as a convoy escort but that's pretty much it for the moment. I have enough to run several different types of scenario, so any further additions to the painting pile would be a bit over the top. Having said that, I've ordered a few 72' HDML's from the Tumbling Dice range,  having been really impressed by the models that I bought at Warfare last year.


  1. I would guess 1/600th scale.

    The models are sitting on a 3/4" tongue depressor. The 72' look to be about twice as long as the depressor is wide, so about 1-1/2". A 72' long ship in 1/600th is 1.4", so...

    Ah for the days when I was one of those meddlin' kids.

  2. I'm looking forwrd to seeing these painted up and in action, although then it might be too much for me to resist buying some!

  3. Yep, 1/600th...I have a stockpile of the stuff accumulated over many years of wishful thinking.