Sunday, 24 March 2013

Shades of Grey

It's absolutely freezing in the garage this evening, so any thoughts of painting the coastal warfare stuff have yet again been abandoned. I have, however, finally worked out how to go about it, after investing in a few extra shades of grey from the new Citadel range. I would have gone for Vallejo but, as there's a branch of Games Workshop in my local town, I thought I'd cut corners and go for the most convenient option. I'm also lazy, so anything that I can use out of the pot is a definate bonus!

Anyway, the modus operandi will be to mix a 50:50 blend of old Space Wolves Grey and Fortress Grey for the hull and upper works of the MTB's and MGB's, with deck areas in Shadow Grey. The long boats will get a variation on this theme using some of the new paint shades with, for example, Russ Grey and Shadow Grey camouflage stripes.

There are a plethora of different schemes that I could try to replicate, including the rather strange but supposedly effective Western Approaches blue and green camouflage patterns, for which I have a rather revolting shade of Hellion Green. It's a pretty good match for the WA green shade and should work well on the larger models like the minesweeper and the trawler.

I  found this excellent e-book on the subject, which is really interesting and packed full of colour profiles of everything from MTB's and ML's, all the way up to Fleet Destroyers. It's well worth the asking price and I'll be using it for some of my experiments in mid-war naval camouflage, although I expect the results may be a bit strange. Nothing some washing and weathering can't handle though, I hope.

(I'm very busy at the moment, hence the lack of progress of late, so don't hold your breath!)

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