Sunday, 10 March 2013

Narrow Seas [7]

The Flotilla

Round Table Class Trawler and Admiralty Drifter

72' HDML's

U Class Submarine

Fairmile 'A' ML minelayer

I finished the undercoating of the coastal warfare flotilla this afternoon, using a whole can of Humbrol Matt Sea Grey 27 in the process. I've added a Skytrex Round Table class trawler and a TD Admiralty Drifter to the fleet, together with five TD HDML's, in both late and early war versions. As I had some paint left in the can, I also sprayed up a Skytrex U class submarine, although what I'll actually do with it I have no idea. I also converted the Skytrex Fairmile 'A' ML into a minelayer, which should be far more useful in game terms.

The Skytrex Isles Class trawler that I constructed the other day fell foul of my attempts to correct it's wonky bridge and dodgy gun mounting, so I had to bin it, much to my annoyance. I have some alternative convoy escorts in the spares box, so I'm not too cross with myself for screwing this one up. In fact, I'm really pleased to have used a lot of accumulated stuff that has been gathering dust in the leadpile for ages, with the exception of the recently released TD models.

I'll start on the painting this week, taking one 'stick' of models at a time, rather than trying to paint up everything in one go. I was thinking of some flashy Western Approaches type camouflage schemes but, in the interests if my sanity, I think I'll stick to simple shades of grey. The aim is to get the whole lot done by the end of the term, so I have three weeks to wrap everything up, including the basing and fiddly bits. I reckon I can do it but it'll be a bit on and off due to shedloads of work just ove the horizon.

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