Tuesday, 26 March 2013

AK47 Game Pictures


We had a good game of AK47 this evening but the end result was the same as the last time round, with the FART soundly thrashed by the MDF, although the defenders did put up a pretty good fight. The attackers used the amphibious landing craft option for one unit, which meant that I had a chance to try out the rules for boats which was one of the aims of the game.

I used the club Hexon terrain which made it easy to set up the shoreline, roads and hills. It also made it easy to define the area of the templates which included a village and some patches of jungle. I think I'll stuck to the Hexon approach from now on for AK47, as it works really well and looks pretty good too. The players seemed to enjoy the game too, which is what it's all about.


  1. Very nice report, great pictures!

  2. Very cool.

    is Infantry you use from Peter Pig ?

  3. Great looking game.. I have a very substantial AK47 force.. alas - no opponents.

  4. Thanks chaps,

    The figures are Peter Pig hardened militia...very Cuban!

  5. Someone still using "classic" AK47, - well done!!

  6. Nice to see a classic AK47 game being done with style.

    Kind regards, Chris.