Sunday, 28 November 2010

Samurai Blades

My five year old was pestering me to play a game this afternoon so I disappeared up the loft and found my old copies of Samurai Blades and Cry Havoc, which I'd stored away for a rainy day. He decided that Samurai and Ninjas sounded the more exciting of the two options and, as a result, we played out Scenario 1: Ambush from the scenario booklet. He won too!

I have to say it was great fun and the game has lost none of it's appeal in the twenty five years or so since I last tried it out. I used to play both Cry Havoc and Samurai Blades a lot when I was at school and, while they're very simple systems, they are very enjoyable. If you see a copy of Cry Havoc on Ebay then I'd thoroughly recommend that you put in a bid, although you can now download and print out all the maps, rules and counters for free!

This is the place to download the whole series of Cry Havoc games:

Good fun!


  1. I had the samurai game in my youth great fun, always wanted to use the Monks when I played. Always thought the rules would be quite nice for a miniatures skirmish game rather than using the counters.

  2. Yep, I really enjoyed Cry Havoc when I was a kid, including Samurai Blades, although I liked being the Ninjas...

    I've thought about converting it to minis but never got round to it. It wouldn't be difficult to do, especially if you went for 15mm, as you could afford to do the Stunned, Wounded and Dead figures too.