Monday, 8 November 2010

Warmaster Ancients Age of Arthur

After a bit of discussion with a couple of the guys at the club, we've decided to go for a Romano-British theme for Warmaster Ancients, using the army lists from the Ancient Armies supplement and the additional lists from Rick Priestley's Warmaster site. To a large extent, we'll be using the Warhammer Ancients Age of Arthur supplement as a rough guide.

The other two are keen on producing an the Arthurian army of some sort whilst, for the sake of balance, I've opted for an Early Saxon force. We are in the process of working out a regional campaign setting which, at this stage, may be in the West Country or up North. As a result, my army might be early West Saxon or Deiran / Bernician.

I have little choice in the composition of the army either way as it basically consists of four units of Thegns, eight of Ceorls and two units of skirmishers to make up the numbers to a round 500 points. The Early Saxon army list can be found on the Warmaster site:

We've decided that 500 points plus a General is the most affordable and manageable way to get an army on the table. If we end up with a good set of games we can easily expand the armies up to the full 1000 points or alternatively build additional forces at the 500 points level for a bit of variety or to use as allies.

I now have to hunt around for suitable figures in the Pendraken catalogue, using the early Saxons from the late Roman range together with the late Saxons and Norse from the Dark Ages range. They're not quite right but will have to do. I may even try a little conversion work to make them a little less late Saxon, if I can manage to do so in such a tiddly scale.

Anyway, this is scheduled for next month at the earliest so there's plenty of time to work things out.

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  1. Jim
    The Kallistra Saxons nclude some with the bucklers that Age of Arthur gives to its Saxons

    Not sure how well they scale with the Pendraken ones if you're intent on using the models you already have, though.