Sunday, 19 December 2010

Xmas Holiday Reading [1]

We finally arrived at the in laws after a very long thirteen hour journey. The cross channel ferry bit was nice and quiet, although we almost didn't make it on time due to the snow. Anyway, I got some serious reading in on the boat and finished Assault Crossing by Ken Ford. It's a very good read and full of very useful ideas for potential scenarios, especially for the 5th DCLI. I'm now going to start on Assault on Germany by the same author, which covers the Battle of Geilenkirchen in late 1944.


  1. There was an article on Geilenkirchen in the magagzine "After The Battle" which could be big help in scenario design also. Though having read other Ken Ford titles, I'm sure he has lots of details also.

  2. Thanks, I'll definately follow that up :o)