Monday, 13 December 2010

Digital Rulebooks

It looks like the wife's given me the dreaded lurgy, which is a pain in the arse as she's now feeling fine. Anyway, I'm not, so the rest of the week looks like being a washout as far as painting is concerned. To cheer myself up I downloaded a copy of the Rapid Fire! rulebook from Wargames Vault for a little over a fiver, as I had a discount voucher and the rules were reduced anyway.

I have a hard copy which is being borrowed over Xmas by one of the guys at the club but I can now print off bits that I need as a when, which is the great thing about .pdf's. I can also stick it on a memory stick and take it with me to France with no hassle. I'm hoping one day to get one of those palmtop thingies so I can have all my digital copies of rules and journals in one place. In the meantime, it's still handy to have them on the laptop. 


  1. Jim, kids and wives get "dreaded lurgy", us men get "manthrax" these days! :-)

    SWMBO has a Kindle which is (more than) perfect for e-books but not so good for PDF's as the screen is too small and you need to scroll a lot so yu might be looking at an iPad or similar tablet.