Saturday, 4 December 2010

Rapid Fire Reading continued...

I finished 18 Platoon by Sydney Jary a couple of days ago and it was well worth it. Although it has very little to do with the 5th DCLI it gives a very good account of the campaign from Normandy to the Rhine through the eyes of a platoon commander. If you can find a copy, definately pick one up:

I'm now re-reading Infantry Colonel by Brigadier George Taylor, who commanded the 5th DCLI from July 1944 to April1945. I'm only skimming through it, as I've read it fairly recently, but it's still very good as a reference for the campaign.

I've also dug through the top layer of the bookshelves in the search for other relevant books that I already have. Thinkng laterally for a change, I remembered that I have a few books that, while not dealing with the 5th DCLI directly, do have relevant bits that I could tap into.

One book, in particular, looks really useful, By Tank Into Normandy by Stuart Hills. Not only is it an excellent read but it also covers the action of the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers) who were one third of the 8th Armoured Brigade attached to the 214th Brigade. I'll definately be re-reading it as a useful cross reference.

Finally, I've ordered a copy of Ken Tout's book By Tank, which is a complation of the three volumes of his autobiography. I read the first installment Tank!: 40 Hours of Battle,  many years ago and it's excellent. It has little direct relevance to the 5th DCLI but it's a great read nonetheless, so well worth getting hold of.

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  1. By Tank into Normandy is one of my faves,great inspiration....too much to do.