Saturday, 21 May 2011

Charlie Won't Surf in 15mm :O(

I've rummaged through the 15mm Vietnam box and there's really no way that I can do Charlie Don't Surf with what I've already got. I guess I have enough US, ARVN and NVA/VC figures to kit out a platoon each at 1:1 with a few extras for support and heavy weapons teams. It's a great starting point for The Men of Company B or From the Delta to the DMZ but way short of what I'd need for a company sized game using CDS.


I have, however, invested in a hard copy of the rules to read at my leisure, thanks to the recent Too Fat Lardies special offer. It's a really well designed and presented set of rules and I'm really keen not to have tp give up on the idea. Instead, I'm going to re-think my CWC 12mm ARVN project that is now well and truly stalled, in part due to a lack of motivation but mainly due to an unfortunate lack of opponent.

In 12mm, I can afford to set up full company sized forces of ARVN, US Marines and NVA, using the figures I already have with extra packs drafted in to make up the numbers. I'll have to re-base the infantry on individual bases, which will make them a bit fiddly but is feasible, along with some of the vehicles. I'm thinking of using small washers or perhaps those tiny 1 Euro cent coins that you sometimes find in your change on holiday. I'll get the Mother in Law to collect them for me too!

I think this is definately the way ahead for Charlie Don't Surf and has the bonus of fitting in with my existing projects for Indochina in 10mm. I can re-use the terrain and make good use of my existing half completed ARVN, whilst saving myself a lot of time and money in the process. The infantry will need some heavy re-inforcements but the armour and air support are sorted. I'm going to make this one of the things to do on activity week in July, so that I actually shift it this year. Watch this space.

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