Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Forward Planning

I've been making good progress on the Back of Beyond White figures this month, having painted the hats, boots and eyes last night, so I've been thinking ahead to the end of the month by which time I should (fingers crossed) have finished the rest of the figures and vehicles.

The Force on Force rules arrived yesterday, so that might be a possible quick mini-project to be thinking about. I haven't had time to look through them in detail but they are very well presented and packed full of interesting stuff. I have plenty of suitable 15mm figures so it would be easy to paint up a handful of FFL and bad guys, with a couple of vehicles for good measure.

A second option would be to finish off the Rapid Fire! figures which have been gathering dust over the last few weeks. I have only a few to do but somehow the appeal has fizzled out a bit recently. I think I'll save them for the activity week in July when I plan to tackle two or three of  my half finished projects including the PITS dervishes and the Tumbling Dice ironclads, for example.

A third possibility would be the 1.300th scale Ironcow ONESS English force, which would be a quick drybrush and wash operation. This is something I'd enjoy as painting things rather than figures is something I'm better at and find easier to do. I have been promised a game if I get the mech brigade painted up, so that's an added incentive to get on with it.

Finally, I quite fancy having a go at something in 15mm, with the AK47 dictatorship army that I've cleaned up and based being a good option. I haven't painted any 15mm stuff for a year or more, so it would be great to scale down from 28mm for a change. I could also finish off my objective markers and perhaps build some more terrain bits and bobs so that I can play some solo games on a half decent scenery set up.

If you'd like to suggest the project you'd want to see tackled next, then drop me a line and I'll put it at the top of the list. :O)

PS I haven't forgotten the 633 Squadron project. I'm saving it for next year!


  1. Whatever happened to the WMA project?

    I vote for that


  2. WMA got scuppered by the lack of a decent, not too expensive range of early Saxons :O(

    I'm waiting for Pendraken to see the light but, in the meantime, it's on hold.

    Shame, as I really wanted to do WMA, although mid-Saxon was first choice.