Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Vietnam in 15mm

I've been thinking about the Force on Force options and what I'd need to put together for an initial project. So far, I'm planning to use my handful of Eureka figures for the First Indochina War as a starting point but, in the longer term, I reckon that this could spill over into a full on 15mm Vietnam project using my Peter Pig 15mm leadpile.

I've had plans to do Vietnam before, using the Men of Company B or From the Delta to the DMZ, both of which use mulitple figure bases. As a result, I've stockpiled a load of ARVN, US and VC/NVA figures over the last few years. When Charlie Don't Surf came out a couple of years ago, I couldn't make up my mind about the basing options, so shelved the project while other things were tackled.

Now, with the forthcoming Ambush Valley Vietnam supplement for Force on Force on the way, I can go down the single figure basing route without limiting myself to one set of rules (thanks for the heads up Steve). I'll need a shedload of figures painted up for Charlie Don't Surf, as it's a company level set of rules, but I can start with a couple of platoons and still get some games in using Force on Force.

I'll also be able to continue with the Indochina option, re-using the terrain I'll need to scratchbuild for both the 1950's and the 1960's conflict. In fact, I'll be killing four birds with one stone, as I can also re-use some of the terrain  for AK47. Very efficient and a great time saver when it comes to getting Vietnam in 15mm off the ground. I'm thinking of making this my Summer project to be tackled in the activity week in July.


  1. I've got a bunch of USMC and NVA troops done in squad style bases for Fields of Fire, but after that set died out they have been sitting idle. I still ahve all of them, plus a bunch of rice paddy terrain though!

  2. Check out warbases.co.uk as it might be worth making sure your individually based 15mm's will then be bale to fit in a ready made sabot for multiple-figure base games. I'm going to use their 2p bases for my individual TSATF for a larger scale colonial game...