Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lost World Safari

It's now five years to the day that I started the Lost World Safari Yahoo Group, mainly to stir up some interest in Chris Peer's Saurian Safari dinosaur hunting rules, which I had recently picked up for peanuts on ebay. I couldn't find any other groups that dealt specifically with Saurian Safari, so decided to set one up myself.

It's now got over 300 members including the usual sleepers but also some very active regular contributors, who keep things ticking along without me, as I have drifted away from dinosaur hunting as a gaming interest over the years. I still occasionally dig out the figures for a game and have plans to do more in the future, including Submarine Safari, but I have other things on the go that have taken up my time.

Anyway, if you  fancy joining yet another yahoo group and have an interest in prehistoric hunting expeditions, you can sign up over at:

Happy Birthday!

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