Friday, 21 October 2011

Off to Cornwall

It's half term at last so we're off to the folks in Cornwall for the week. I've packed the essentials, in the form of a neat little box of 28mm Foundry Darkest Africa figures for my Nkonde army, together with the knife, files, glue, cutting mat and other paraphenalia I need to start cleaning and basing them up.

I'll also be packing the In the Heart of Africa rules, plus a couple of articles by Chris Peers on the slaver wars in Nyasaland that I printed from the Foundry site a while back, before they were pulled by whoever decided that the words Free and Foundry were incompatible. I'm sure they're available somewhere else on the web but, if not, drop me a line and I can send you a copy.

I'll also be taking a couple of books to read and the Waterloo rules that arrived in the post this afternoon. After a quick flick through, the general impression I'm not often seduced by flashy, glossy fluff packed rules but these are a work of art and obviously a labour of love by the author. I'll have to see how they stand up after a decent read through.

In the meantime, the AK47 Dictatorship army is now over-spilling from the shelf above the workbench and will have to be tackled on my return. I've added a commander base with bodyguard so it's pretty much complete, with only a couple of units left to paint up. However, I need some sort of permanent storage solution as a matter of urgency, otherwise it'll end up on the garage floor sooner rather than later.

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  1. Where in Cornwall? My wife and I come from Newquay - 40 years ago or so.