Thursday, 27 October 2011

El Dorado?

I've been mulling over the mileage for the Darkest Africa project today. It's going to take me quite a lot of time and effort to get the project up and running, which is something I've allowed for in the plans that I've made for the Nkonde and other potential armies. I'm hoping to use the Nkonde in their own right but also as allies to a small British African Lakes Company force, with potential for a gunboat and other goodies later on.

However, I've also been thinking about the ways in which I can stretch the terrain that I plan to make and that I've already got, thanks to Saurian Safari and Legends of the High Seas, to other situations. One thing that I've always wanted to game, for example, is Chris Peers' Land of El Dorado campaign rules, as set out in the Foundry Compendium and Wargames Illustrated. The Foundry Conquistadors have always been on my wish list but, without an excuse, I've resisted temptation thus far.

I've had a flick through the El Dorado rules and lists to see what might be possible. A small force of twenty to thirty Conquistadors is well within affordable range, especially if I can pick up some packs of TAG or Foundry figures at Warfare in a couple of weeks time. I've also got about twenty Copplestone Botocudo amazonian tribal figures left over from the Saurian Safari project that could be bulked out as opposition.

I'll have to see what I can scrape together over the next few months but it's one way to give the Darkest Africa project even more room for development. If I'm going to spend time and effort scratchbuilding more jungle, swamps, rivers and pitfalls, they might as well get plenty of additional use. It also gives me an excuse to re-watch Aguirre: Wrath of God again, which can't be a bad thing.

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  1. Not sure how you're fixed for your conquistadors, but I've got a load in my lead pile I'd like to see to a good home!