Thursday, 8 December 2011

AK47 Winter Quarters [7]

As promised, I've shifted my attention back to the base painting of the AK47 dictatorship army and have started by washing the bases of the heavy weapons unit in Vallejo English Uniform, which is a good substitute for the much more expensive Foundry Rawhide Shade. It's a tedious job to be honest but will be less of a pain once I get onto the drybrushing stage, using Rawhide and Rawhide Light to bring out the textures.

I'm planning to tackle this process one unit at a time, starting with the infantry bases over the weekend. If all goes according to plan, I should get the whole lot done by this time next week? This will include adding some flock to the bases after I've given them another overspray with Army Painter matt varnish to seal in and tone down the groundwork.

I've also based up the Kerr and King landing craft using 2mm plastic card cut to size and rounded off at the front ends. For some reason the superglue was playing up this evening, so it took me awhile to get them to stick down firmly to the bases. I'm going to paint them up in between the base painting, as they'll only need a three stage drybrush, a wash and them some detailing to be up to scratch.

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