Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ju52 Toucan for Indochina

I saw some of these snap together model kits at Warfare back in November but didn't get any then as I had my eye on ether things. However, they're perfect for my French Indochina 10mm project that has been quietly growing at the bottom of the leadpile for a couple of years or so, mainly as a result of the excellent Pendraken range of figures (although I wish they'd do some French in bush hats and some colonial troops as well).

Anyway, I saw a good deal on ebay and have ordered three kits, which work out at about £2.60 each including postage. They were used by the French as general transport planes but mainly for parachute drops over enemy dominated territory, with the aim of tracking down and destroying Vietminh Chu Luc mainforce units. 

When (if) I get round to starting this project remains to be seen but at least I'll have some air lift capability, albeit a little vintage in appearance.

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