Wednesday, 18 July 2012

AK47 Air War Africa

One of the mini-projects I've been thinking about for quite a while now is a cross over between my AK47 armies and my Bag The MiG / MiG Alley project in 1/600th scale. The thinking behind this is to give me some playtesting experience with the Bag The MiG rules and to extend my AK47 games  into a simple mini air campaign.

I have the Tumbling Dice aircraft that I need already having originally intended to use them for a 1967 Six Day War set up, so it won't result in any extra outlay. The idea will be to paint up three or even four small air forces for the different African countries that have or will feature in my version of AK47 Africa. The forces will be equipped with aircraft from different backers - Soviet, French, British and US.

The aircraft will be limited to a pre-1955 technological timeframe, which means that even first generation air to air missiles will be very unlikely, keeping the games simple and the action up close. The emphasis will be on air to air dogfighting, escorted bombing raids and ground attack, with each force equipped to carry out a similar range of scenarios.

The Peoples Democratic Republic of Mbote

The air force of the PDRM dictatorship is equipped with soviet supplied aircraft and is one of the more powerful, if less well trained and experienced forces in the region. The core of the Mbote Air Defence Force or MADF is a fleet of six Il28 Beagle medium bombers. These are escorted into action by a squadron of eight MiG 17 Fresco fighters, which also deploy in the role of ground attack fighter bombers.

The Indepedent Republic of Nbuto

The colonial settlers of the IRN are equipped with French aircraft and, while a relatively small force with less capable technology than some rival nations, they make up for it with the quality of their pilots and ground crew. The IRN is equipped with a bomber force of three Sud Aviation Vautour. These are used to deliver low level tactical strikes on enemy ground targets.

The CAP role is filled by four Dassault Mystere IV fighters, which have been aquired to replace six Dassault Ouragan that have until recently formed the core of the Nbuto air force. These are now being re-tasked as ground attack fighter bombers which will operate alongside an existing flight of four Fouga Magister COIN light attack aircraft.  

The Kingdom of Bagombo

The Royal Bagombo Air Force is supplied with British equipment, due to the close ties between the ex-colonial 'not so super' power and the royal family of King Mtosi III. The most advanced asset of the RBAF is a flight of three English Electric Canberra B2 bombers, capable of a range of strike missions. It is possible that these are crewed by foreign pilots but this has yet to be verified.

The fighter strength of the RBAF is composed of a flight of four newly acquired Hawker Hunter aircraft. These are capable aircraft and, as such, are used in the air defence role and for CAP over the border zone. The strike element of the Royal Bagombon Air Force is less advanced and is built around a flight of four DH Venom ground attack fighter bombers.

The Zumata - Lumata Axis of Evil

Not that I'm biased or anything.

Oh no.

Anyway, the Zumatan Air Force is equipped with predominantly US aircraft, although it's exact composition and capability is as yet unknown. There will probably be some Douglas A1 Skyraiders and Lockheed F80 Shooting Stars, as they've featured in the past but after that it's a question of what I've got in the spares box once the Bag The MiG set up is complete.

So, now what...

As you may have guessed, this is all fairly sketchy at the moment but I am thinking of taking my little box of 1/600th scale goodies off on holiday with me next week. It's a sideline to my existing projects but I think could be good fun, given that I'll have a licence to do whatever I fancy when it comes to camouflage, insignis and other what not.

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