Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer Holiday Projects [1] AK47

I've been working out the permutations for the holiday 'clean up' projects that I shortlisted the other day. I've decided on a total of three boxes of things to take with me to Cornwall and Brittany, all of which are self contained and easily manageable if I get my act together.

First up is another AK47 army, this time a Superpower Backed force built around a selection of British vehicles and a core of old style Peter Pig bush hat figures. It's inspired by my mate Jon's army and by the fact that I have had the figures knocking about for far too long to be ignored.

The bush hat chaps are supposedly 'professonals' but in my army will be regular troops, transported around in Bulldog anti-mine trucks. They'll be supported by an armoured car unit of Saladins and Ferrets, which crop up in the political flow chart as reinforcements, and a stand alone regular mortar unit of four bases. I might even paint this lot up as British, complete with appropriate tactical signs on he vehicles.

The two militia units will consist of small armed kepi wearing figures with Bedford trucks as transport, plus a landrover equipped patrol representing a game warden type unit only with machine guns and recoilless rifles. I'll also have a heliborne professional unit of bare headed SAS types with a rather nice plastic kit of a Heller Puma to fly about in. I'll only have four bases but they'll do the job.

How much of this actually gets cleaned up and based is anyone's guess and I may take a fourth box of something along as well, just in case. It's a shame I can't do any painting really as that would be an even more productive use of the time, especially if I could tackle one of my previous projects like the 1/600th scale Bag the MiG collection.

The other two projects will be sorted later!

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