Saturday, 28 July 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [1]

I completed a full AK47 Dictatorship army last year, starting over the summer holidays with a Summer Offensive to clean up and base the figures. This inevitably turned into an Autumn Assault and finally took up Winter Quarters before I wrapped it up in January this year. In my defence, I did stray off into a full on amphibious fleet and various bits of terrain, so it was no surprise that it lasted so long.

Anyway, this year I've decided to repeat the experiment with a new not so 'Super' power Backed army for AK47, using the old school Peter Pig 'professional' bush hat figures as a regular core alongside some kepi regular figures as militia, plus a professional element of bare headed SAS types. The force will be equipped with mostly British vehicles and AFV's including some lovely QRF Bedfords, Saladins and Ferrets.

So, here's the ToE, which is designed to cover all the political flow chart random bits and allow some flexibility when it comes to deploying the five core units. The Superpower backed army has to have at least two militia units and consequently, I need to build in at least two regular units, assuming that I have the single professional unit that I'm allowed in the army restrictions.

Militia Unit

4 S/A (plus maybe a couple more later on)
3 RPG (one spare one is included for political purposes)
2 Trucks

Militia Unit

2 Landrovers / Jeeps with HMG
1 Landrover with RCL

Regular Unit/s

8 S/A
4 Bulldog Carriers

Regular Unit

4 Mortar bases
2 Trucks

Regular Unit

2 Saladin A/C with gun
3 Ferret A/C with MG

Professional Unit

4 S/A
1 Truck
1 Transport Helo (Puma)

Professional Unit

1 Attack Helo (Gazelle)

There may also be a commander unit and a sniper unit or two, just because I have the figures and it would be a shame not to use them. I have a 1/100th scale diecast Gloster Meteor model for air support but this might be replaced with something less hefty if I can find a suitable plastic kit. I may even add some boats!

I'm hoping to start on this project tomorrow with one of the militia units or the professionals.


  1. I look forward to reading about this project. I've just picked up AK-47 myself. I want to do Twilight AK-47 2000, a WWIII type game using the new buildings from 4Ground.

    I'm going to use a mix of militia figures from Peter Pig and Russian and British from Forged in Battle.

  2. Good stuff can't beat a nice bit of British cold war kit.