Tuesday, 7 August 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [7]

Here are the three Ferret scout cars that make up one of the regular armoured car units in the Bagomban army. This lot represent the recce element of the R.U.B.A.R.R.B. and, as such, are fast but lightly armed. In AK47 they cost 30 points each, which is quite a lot given their limited clout, but they are quite useful if you mix them in with other units.

The models are by QRF and the crewman is a Peter Pig figure, cut down to fit in the open top Ferret Mk1 scout car. The other two vehicles are Mk 2/3 Ferrets with turrets mounting .30 cal machine guns. They're nice models and excellent value for money but need quite a bit of sanding, filing and cleaning up.

I'm running short of mdf rectangles for the vehicles so these three will have to wait until I get home to get their bases sorted. To make up for this oversight, I think they'll get a funky camouflage scheme when I eventually get round to painting them up, a bit like the Malaysian versions in the picture.

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