Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bag the Doodlebug 1/144th

Apparently, Revell have re-issued a swathe of their old 1/144th scale kits in a new format aptly titled as Micro Wings. One of the kits that they've included in the initial release is the Hawker Tempest, including a completely new decal sheet. This opens up the possibility of doing a Bag the Doodlebug type game in 1/144th rather than 1/300th, which has been my initial approach.

I had a shot at the Bag the Doodlebug scenario at the club a few weeks ago with Andy as the unfortunate guinea pig, although it was only a quick try out after the main game. We tried out three seperate gun runs on the elusive buzzbomb but only succeeded on the final attempt, even though it meant that Andy's Spitfire XIV ended up in a tree, having flown through the exploding V1 in the process.

Andy's pilot bailed out and survived the encounter. The scenario set up was less successful, however, as it was pretty limited in game terms. I think it's a great concept but it needs a bit of a tweak to be a great game. I think there's a lot of potential for some manipulation of the basic ideas, using some different mechanics and some expanded card options to add legs to the otherwise very short scenario.

As the 1/144th scale kits are very cheap and easy to put together, they offer that extra level of visual impact that the 1/300th scale game lacks. I may well get a few, if only to buid them for fun. If the range expands further to include some of the other 1970's kits, theer would be lots of potential spin offs, especially when combined with the Minicraft, Sweet and F-Toys planes.

...not to mention the old 633 Squadron idea?

Tally Ho!


  1. Sounds good. That bit about Andy's Spitfire XIV ending up in a tree made me laugh out loud...!

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  3. Saw a Grumman Hellcat flying over Wittering Beach yesterday...no idea why or where from! Now I have an urge to get into this aerial gaming lark...

  4. its so easy to start it,transport it and set up a quick game or campaign, especially in 1:600. Very quick reward for your painting efforts in this scale. I doubt you will regret it.

  5. Hi Jim
    We're just picking up aerial wargaming again after a break. Will be using BTH2, although in 1/600

    I've got rather fixated on making my own cards at the moment - have a look on my blog. Let me know if you want the PDFs/JPEGs/printed cards

    All the best