Saturday, 18 August 2012

Return to Darkest Africa

For the second of my holiday clean up and base projects, I'm going to have a crack at finishing off what's left of my Nkonde tribal villagers army for In the Heart of Africa.

This is a project I started on this time last year and got about half way with before being distracted by other things. To complete the bulk of the army I need to base up twenty four warriors, sixteen archers, four baggage elements, some casualty markers and the single figures that represent the chief, the shaman, a scout and some other hangers on.

Unfortunately, I've left my copy of the rules at home so I'm operating in the dark a bit, using my previous posts and some guesswork to work out what I'm supposed to be doing. I've also left the extra unit of spearmen that I had originally included in the army at home for some reason. I can only assume that I decided not to include them and have substituted an extra eight warriors instead to make up the points.

I'll start with the archers tomorrow, although we have the family round for the day so I may not have the time to get much done, if anything at all.

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  1. Always look forward to seeing Darkest Africa troops!