Wednesday, 8 August 2012

AK47 Summer Spearhead [8]

Here's the last of the armoured cars for the Bagombo R.U.B.A.R.R.B. To finish off the A/C element of the force I've cleaned up and based two QRF Saladins with added pintle mounts. I really like the Saladin, even though these ones needed quite a lot of filing and scraping to shape up. I need to do some extra detailing on the wheel hubs and add some aerials but otherwise they look fine, at least to me.

They can be used either as a unit on table counting as a respectable 80 points, as an addition to other units or as a bonus unit in the political phase. We're off camping for a few days tomorrow, so there will be a bit of a news black out in the interim. I may get to take some figures with me to prepare but I doubt I'll get anything done.

Over and out.

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