Saturday, 31 August 2013

Bag the Hun Burma Air War [3]

We got back home about half six this evening so, after unpacking the car and sorting things out, I had a few minutes to do a quick stock check on the aircraft for the Burma project. A quick rummage in the storage boxes produced the following:

6 x Raiden Brewster Buffalos
6 x Hawker Hurricane I's (non trop filters but possibly of use?)
19 x Museum Miniatures Ki43 Oscars (blimey!)
8 x Museum Miniatures Ki27 Nates

I also have a load of Raiden Curtiss P40C's that I haven't yet located, as well as a few left over bits and bobs that might be useful. This is a really good starting point for the project, although I'll also need some bombers for both sides, together with some additional fighters for the RAAF / RAF or KNIL.


  1. Raiden have some Curtis Wright Demons, used by Dutch East Indies, on their paypal site

  2. Raiden also do a nice P26 Peashooter if you wanted to include the Philippines Air force for 1940-41