Monday, 26 August 2013

Burma Books [2]

I've just finished reading Burma Victory by David Rooney on the Kindle and, although it's overshadowed by Road of Bones in my opinion, it was still well worth it. I'm now embarking on  Fighting Through to Kohima by Michael Lowry, which looks pretty good and is endorsed by the late Professor Richard Holmes no less, so should be a very worthwhile read. This is in further preparation for my long delayed 15mm IABSM3 Burma project, in case you were confused, but will cross over to various other things I have in mind at the moment. 


  1. I've long had a fascination with the fighting in Burma and eastern India. I have Bryan Perret's 'Tank Tracks to Rangoon,' which has a reasonable coverage, mainly of the Carabiniers actions. Thanks for this recommendation.

  2. Warlord have just released Gurhkas in 28mm...
    Check out K&K's 15mm Gurkha rifle platoon...