Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Solido 1/50 AFV's

This morning I had a look around the local brocante, which is a cross between an antiques fair and a car boot sale. On one of the stalls a chap was selling a selection of Solido diecast military vehicles and I picked out a 1/50th scale  M10 and an Sdkfz 161 Mobelwagen for the Bolt Action project.

The Ministry of the Interior flashed her usual attributes and knocked down the price to twenty Euros for the pair, which was a bit of a deal. She also paid for them, in return for an 'interesting' 1960's magazine stand from another seller, which will now take pride of place in a remote corner of the dining room.

The M10 needs a bit of attention, particularly the chain link tracks which I may well replace with some plastic tracks from the kit I didn't finish a couple of weeks ago. The Mobelwagen is, however, rather good as it is, although it needs a wash, drybrush and a  bit of weathering to be ready for action.


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