Thursday, 26 September 2013

Bag The Hun 336th FS Game [2]

Capt Franklin 'Frank' Young
I'm planning to pull the scenarios together for the Bag The Hun game over the weekend. I've really enjoyed doing the research for the game but it's going to be a bit of a rush if I'm going to get it worked up for Tuesday. In the interim, I've focused my time working out the squadron codes for the 336th P51D's that I need to apply to the unfinished models in the box.

Capt Carl R. Alfred
 The larger of the two scenarios revolves around an engagement on the 1st January 1945 near the town of Ulzen, with four 336th P51's against four Me109G's of JG300 and JG301, followed by two Me262's of III/JG7. I have all of the German fighters but need to finish three P51's with the correct fuselage codes for three out of the four Mustangs.

Capt Donald Pierini
The four pilots involved were Capt. Frank Young (VF-A) and his wingman, Capt. Carl R. Alfred* (VF-Z), with a second pair of Capt. Donald Pierini (VF-H) and 1st Lt. Van Chandler (VF-U), the latter the youngest ace of the war. I have VF-H all marked up and ready to go but the other aircraft in the flight will need to have new decals applied before they're ready for action.

1st Lt. Van Chandler
The second scenario is a primer for the main game but, in itself, should provide a fast moving and challenging engagement. The scenario is a very one sided action between Capt. Donald Emerson in his lone P51D (VF-D) and no less than six FW190A's, which took place on Christmas Day 1944. I'll post more about this extraordinary scenario later on. 

 *this is a bit speculative but I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

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