Monday, 16 September 2013

Bag the Hun Late War Extras

I'm putting together a late war USAAF v. Luftwaffe Bag the Hun game early next month, so thought I'd check the collection of aircraft before I laid any concrete plans. I was less than encouraged when I realised that I have only six fully painted P51's Mustangs, although the Luftwaffe are more than adequately equipped with FW190A8's, D9's and Me262's. 

After a quick rummage, I located a couple of almost finished Raiden P51D Mustangs to add to the collection, alongside some additional Leading Edge Fw190's, so I should be able to balance things out with the addition of some decals and a bit of judicious black outlining? I'm hoping to finish these stragglers during the week, leaving the weekend for the long suffering Bolt Action project.


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