Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shotgun Mexicans

The Dead Man's Hand game the other day featured several figures armed with shotguns, which proved to be a real game changer when used at point blank range. I don't have a shotgun armed figure in my existing Mexican posse, so thought I'd hunt around for a suitably armed bandito to add to the Desperado gang.
This turned out to be harder than I thought but I eventually located a pre-painted sawn off wielding, ammo clad individual from the EM4 Heroes of the Old West range. I could have bought an unpainted figure from the EM4 stand at Colours the other day, if I'd thought of it. Instead, I've had to get the whole painted set of five figures, although that's not so bad as I can use the other ones too.

 When the figures arrive, I'll re-base the Mexican dude and match the paintwork to the other figures in the existing gang, before splashing on the Army Painter shade. This shouldn't take too long and will give the Chimichanga brothers some serious close-in firepower. I'm hoping we'll get another game of Dead Man's Hand in next month, so I've got plenty of time to tool up the posse ready for a whuppin'.


  1. These minis are awesome, congratulations (I espcialy like the guy of the middle) !

  2. Howdy. Yessiree. We'll be running another DMH at very soon so send out the posse.


  3. So with the extra firepower the Chimchanga's wont have anything to beef about!