Sunday, 19 October 2014

Coastal Patrol Cheatsheet

I've decided to go for Coastal Patrol as the initial rules of choice for my Narrow Seas project, so have been thumbing through the rules to work out what I need in terms of blinds, markers, torpedo counters and so on. I realised that there were no ship stats or a cheatsheet included in the original article, so located the relevant files in the Too Fat Lardies yahoo group.

You can save and print this!
These are both in EXCEL format, so I duly printed them out, finding that the QRS was split over two pages rather the one. To fix this I printed out, then cut and pasted the different sections together, adding the rules logo to the sheet for a bit of impact. This was then scanned in and converted to a JPEG image, which I've posted here to save you the bother.

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