Wednesday, 8 October 2014

NEWSFLASH - Zubuto and Mbote launch joint military exercise (Reuters)

From our defence correspondent in Bjobo

In a sign of recent co-operation between Mbote and Zubuto, a joint military exercise - Operation Rampant Jambok - has begun in the Watumi highlands adjacent to the Zubuto - Bana Soto border. A combined MDF and ZAP mobile brigade has conducted a series of manoevers in the region, with tank and infantry units playing a major role.

The latest addition to the aresenal of Zubuto, the short range WaPongo rocket system, has also been cleared for test firing. The WaPongo has been developed in a collaborative project between the Zubuto armaments firm, Dudu Defence Systems (a subsidiary of Dudu Industries Inc) and the Albanian government. The system has yet to be confirmed as operational but will add a significant capability to the ZAP armed forces.

However, unconfirmed sources close to the project have indicated in a leaked memorandum that the guidance system on the WaPongo rocket has been subject to serious software issues, with a number of simulated launches having to be aborted due to mis-tracking. There has yet to be confirmation of the extent of these problems but, with a test firing proramme now in place, it would seem that they have been resolved.

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