Monday, 13 October 2014

NEWSFLASH - Bana Soto claims missile crash an 'Act of War' (Reuters)

From our diplomatic correspondent in Mpumbe

In a televised radio broadcast to the nation the President of Bana Soto, Washington DeeSee, has condemned the 'aggressive and unjustified action' of Mbote and Zubuto, citing recent joint military exercises in the border zone as a clear provocation to the 'peace loving people of our great nation. This is an Act of War!'

In a direct reference to the crash landing of a ZAP short range WaPongo missile in the demilitarised border strip, President DeeSee re-iterated his claim that the Mbote - Zubuto 'axis of evil' is determined to destabilise the fragile peace and provoke an armed conflict with Bana Soto. He announced the immediate mobilisation of defence forces in the border zone to counter the alleged threat to Bana Soto security.

President DeeSee has ordered that the wreckage of the missile be located and recovered by the Army of Bana Soto (ABS), with immediate effect. In a clear warning to the Mbote - Zubuto alliance, he also stated that any attempt to prevent such a recovery by the units of the MDF and ZAP, would be met with full  military force.


  1. Hi Jim

    I wonder if you will tolerate another question from this curious reader! Along with your excellent writing, you always have brilliant pictures. The last time I tried something similar, I spent ages on Google with limited results. What kind of search terms do you find most useful!

    I swear, the next time someone asks me to name countries in Africa I will probably reply "Well, given the tensions between them, the nations of WaPongo and Bana Soto spring to mind. Can you believe that business about the missing missile? Shocking!"

  2. Hi Chris,

    I usually just google for key words e.g. africa dictator hat.

    You have to sift through quite a lot of stuff but I often find what I'm looking for.

    You can also search under south america, asia etc, as the pictures are often equally useful.

  3. Fair enough! Seems like it is worth the effort of sifting!