Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord Army [2]

I spent most of the weekend on fun things, so it's very much back to the daily grind and a pile of GCSE controlled assessment marking. I did get the first unit of the Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord army based and undercoated, however, which is a twelve man bodyguard unit, Tactical 4 / Morale 4, Stubborn with bombs worth a very decent 120 points. This is one of three 'special' infantry units allowed in the army list, of which you are allowed to field up to two. These figures were leftovers from my previous Japanese army, so a good use of some surplus lead.

I have decided to prepare this army in the order outlined in the army list, taking each unit in turn before moving on to the next one, thereby breaking it down into a manageable schedule. I'll do the same when it comes to the painting stage of the project. This means that the next one to base up and undercoat will be a ten man Assault section armed with Bergmann sub-machine gun 'trench brooms'. I'd really like to have twelve of these but you are only allowed to have a maximum of ten. At Tactical 3 / Morale 5, Ferocious with bombs, they'll still pack a hefty 110 point punch.


  1. Good progress being made there Jim!

  2. Nice start of this project! Looking forward to the next steps!