Friday, 20 May 2016

Technical Hitch

Minor Technicalities

I have another AK47 game next week so will be busy finishing off some new militia technicals over the weekend. This has given rise to a bit of a 'technical' hitch in that you can only have two RCL per unit, which means that my existing technical fleet can only form one such unit, otherwise it will break the two RCL limit. This is a result of my daft decision to count the katyusha rocket rail armed vehicles as RCL's, as there are no points values in the rules for multiple rocket launcher equipped units. I'm now going to re-classify them as vehicle mounted mortars, which are mentioned in the rules but also don't feature in the points table. I think that they are worth about the same as AA mounted weapons, so will rate them at 30 points for the militia version, which seems like a fair solution to the problem.


  1. I think 80 points would be much better ...


  2. They might end up on your side...who knows?


  3. Really great painting - the rust & weathering make these look appropriately battered.

  4. Regardless of hitch, they look tremendous!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous looking vehicles!