Saturday, 7 May 2016

Back of Beyond Terrain Bits [7]

I've finished off the last of the terrain pieces for the Back of Beyond, pending the arrival of some more grass tufts, so only have the North African building to finish. The latest additions are a basic stone edged field, an expedition campsite and the finishing touches to the oil derrick, which include some pipes made from cotton buds and a bit of additional weathering. The campsite needs some finishing touches but it'll do for the moment. I'm having trouble getting a decent matt finish at the moment, with the usual Army Painter spray just not quite doing the job, so I'll go back and sort it out at a later date, when I've found a workable solution.


  1. Nice work Jim :)
    That oil rig wouldn't look out of place in the southern US...?

  2. Looking great.
    Need some bits like this for my NWF and Sudan projects. (Not the oil rig though)