Wednesday, 7 July 2010

1/1200th Scale Skytrex Ironclads

I've dabbled in Victorian naval waters before but in a larger scale. As you can see, theis involved the Skytrex 1/1200th scale French ironclad range, which consists of only two models, the Gloire and the Magenta, although there are some transitional steam ships as well.

A few months ago, my entire collection of ironclads had a bit of an accident when they fell off the shelf above my desk. Luckily, I hadn't finished them and there was no rigging to be mangled, but they did suffer some badly bent and chipped masts and a missing bowsprit or two.

I had played a game of Iron and Fire with them already so it wasn't that bad, especially as it ended up as a draw. I really should fix them up and finish them off at some point for a rematch, although I'm not sure it would be worth expanding the fleet, given my current divergence into smaller scales.

It's a shame there aren't more models in the range as they're rather good and the corresponding British contingent is well catered for.


  1. Those ships are quite nice!

    Unfortunate that there are only a few French ships in that range, and the old Houston's ships - now from Great Endeavours - are not of a corresponding scale (more like 1/1000 at the smallest).