Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Books, Books, Books

I can't resist a new (or second hand) book now and again, so when I spotted a copy of Warships and Naval Battles of the Civil War on ebay with a reasonable Buy It Now price tag, I thought 'Why Not?'.

It's an ex-library book so it's a been well read but it's in pretty good nick nonetheless. As a guide to ACW naval and riverine vessels it's excellent, featuring well drawn coloured profiles and views of just about every ironclad, gunboat, paddleboat, blockade runner or other craft you could think of. There are also some useful notes on the characteristics of each vessel together with a history of their use during the war.

Great stuff!

It's got me thinking again about my box of Peter Pig Hammerin' Iron ships that I aquired at Salute last year, together with a few Thoroughbred models from ebay. This could be a project for next year or I could do it instead of one of the projects I set out for 2010, although that list has slid inexorably off the end of the schedule so far!

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