Tuesday, 27 July 2010

AK47 Operation Coq au Vin

Yet another victory for the F.A.R.T. to report, although the game ended up being very short and a bit 'different' compared to the others we have played. It started with the Nbuto forces on the offensive for the first time, having fiddled my points total to give myself more political options and thereby allowing Jon to be the defender for a change.

However, this subsequently meant that he failed to get any units on the table at all for the first four turns, while my jeeps, armoured cars and truck mounted infantry roamed all over the place undisturbed.

Eventually he got one unit of APC mounted infantry on the table, only to have it wiped out by my attack helicopter and armoured cars, for the loss of the Panhards to RPG fire.

A second unit of Lumatan truck mounted heavy weapons was also driven onto the table but didn't last very long before it brewed up, turned tail and routed. My jeeps and trucks were driving around the other side of the table while all this was going on doing very little of any consequence.

However, Jon then got his mortar unit on along with two EBR75 armoured cars that he'd 'acquired' through political wheeling and dealing. The resulting combination or armour and mortars proceeded to wipe out or pin most of my APC mounted infantry in the space of one turn, despite my attempt to de-bus on one of the objectives.

Finally, before anything else could happen, the countdown dice dictated the end of the game, after only about an hour and a half of hostilities. The end result was 54 points to me and 46 to Jon, resulting in a victory for the F.A.R.T. in Operation Coq Au Vin, a pre-emptive punitive strike across the Lumatan border.

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